There are high hopes that the German Bundesliga could be resumed pretty soon

There are high hopes that the German Bundesliga could be resumed pretty soon. According to the league’s CEO Christian Seifert, action could be restarted on May 9. The only thing which stops this plan from happening is the lack of approval from the government.

On Thursday, representatives of all 36 clubs in the top two German leagues met for a special meeting to discuss the eventual restart of the season. They all agreed with the idea that this could happen on May 9. It was confirmed that all of the clubs have the strong intention to finish the campaign in the Bundesliga and the 2. Bundesliga.

Of course, this would happen behind closed doors because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This plan also involves rigorous testing of the players and the staff, plus deep cleaning of the clubs’ stadiums.

The Bundesliga CEO Christian Seifert confirmed that all clubs agreed for this specific date, but nothing would happen without the approval of the government. Germany is still fighting with COVID-19, and people are told to stay home. Seifert believes that the restart of the Bundesliga won’t cause strain on medical authorities as “professional football would not even consume 0.4 percent of the available capacity in Germany”.

In England, they also continue to think about dealing with the coronavirus situation. At this point, there’s no information when we would see the Premier League resume and the final of the season. The former England striker Dean Ashton believes that the Premier League must help the lesser clubs which are in danger of being erased from the football map. At this point, these clubs are not generating any profit, which could mean the end for them. Even if action is restarted soon, games would be played behind closed doors, so it would not change much.

Dean Ashton thinks that right now, many clubs are working “on the edge” and survival is not possible for some of the lesser clubs. He warned everyone that if there’s no action to help these clubs, then England wouldn’t have “a football pyramid anymore.”

The former West Ham striker also believes that English clubs spend “ridiculous money” on players’ wages. Ashton expects that now many clubs will change their policy regarding the players’ salaries. “These clubs are getting players on wages they can’t afford,” Ashton says. According to the former player, there must be some salary cap in English football.

Is this season in England going to be completed? Dean Ashton thinks it should. But he also believes that clubs must wait for the fans to return on the stands before restarting the action. This sounds extremely dangerous as the United Kingdom is still fighting COVID-19, and there are many cases of sick people in the country.